Friends With Benefits

Elephants in the Room


Elephants are a Boston-based rock band that has a sound as big as the gentile beasts that inspired their name. They’ve been compared to various nineties bands (most that they’ve never heard of), but they can guarantee one adjective that can be attached to their brand – loud.

Rad Summer Jamz 2013 Is Here


There’s nothing like a mouthful of fluff on a hot day, the heat melting you into your shoes while your mouth glomps on in dry, uncomfortable way. This is Rad Summer Jamz 2013, the spirit of this classic moment embodied….

More to come! Maybe you?


My musician friends, for the most part, are a bunch of lazy pricks. God love them and their dirty dish stacks and inside-out laundry. Interviews are in progress. Check back soon for more musings and songs by good people who…