Rad Summer Jamz 2013 Is Here

There’s nothing like a mouthful of fluff on a hot day, the heat melting you into your shoes while your mouth glomps on in dry, uncomfortable way.
This is Rad Summer Jamz 2013, the spirit of this classic moment embodied.
These aren’t just 25 songs. They’re that feeling stretching on, glorious, with no drinking fountains, slush machines or ice cream trucks in sight.
Munch on, my friends. Feel the sand in your teeth. That sand is Rad Summer Jamz 2013. May it too take a lifetime to digest.

Featuring the music of: Natural ChildThe EverymenDiarrhea PlanetDry FeetJeffrey LewisBlack Joe Lewis and The HoneybearsThe So So GlosSebadohTrampled By TurtlesTitus AndronicusMikal CroninRancidBIG UPSScreaming FemalesJP Harris and The Tough ChoicesDadsFucked UpPaul BaribeauWeed Hounds and more.

Tape curated by Ryan Lambert (@twolinepass).

[tapely src=”http://tape.ly/rad-summer-jamz-2013-a-thought-pollution-mixtape/embed” width=”600″ height=”700″ scrolling=”yes” frameborder=”0″></iframe>]

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