Tits for Tats

Leigh Greaney (tits) encourages you to support a female solo artist (tats). This isn’t hard to follow, people. Just read it.

Wolf like Anna Calvi


Do not make the mistake of brushing her off as some “PJ Harvey” and decide you’ve heard it before. You haven’t. Anna Calvi is a force. From her red lip stick to her slide guitar, this babe is sultry. She’s…

Will Not Golightly


Hi. My name is Leigh and I’m addicted to British women who rock. Yes, this homosensual crush on guitar-clad English dames makes my life tough. I can barely even tell my boyfriend when I’m into a new artist.

Veruca Salt of the Earth


I work at a bar and play my music through the speakers. It can really generate some great conversation with customers. It can also create confusion, hatred and some stink eye. One day, half way through my playlist called “bad…