Scout's Honor

It never ends. I’m in love with an English femme fatale again. Her name is Scout Niblett and she’s mine. All mine. Here she is looking like a little button:

She’s minimalist, honest, witty and down to earth. The word ‘talented’ is an understatement with this little firecracker. She typically plays all the instruments herself, simple songs composed of only vocals, drums/guitar. Bare-boned and raw. Listening to Scout Niblett makes you feel naked (and if you are naked, even better).

Her last name is really Niblett, but she swapped Emma Louise for a “To Kill a Mockingbird” inspired stage name. It fits, Scout narrates the famous novel and my Scout narrates, well, life. Her songs are stories. Check out the song that popped my Scout cherry: Big Bad Man. Your mind was just blown in under two minutes wasn’t it?

Want to hear some intense minimalism at it’s finest? Try this on: Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death. Yes, Scout. You’re right. “We’re all gonna die / We don’t know when / We don’t know how.” Those are the only lyrics. With each repetition, I believe her more. The threat of death seeps in and I’m okay with it, as she makes her drums louder.

It’s no surprise that she loves great music. She’s even covered a Nirvana song – Verse, Chorus, Verus – in a live show. My grunge-lovin’ babe also loves her some Sonic Youth. Swoon!

Not only does my lady have great taste in literature and music, she’s a huge astrology buff like me (we’re meant for eachother, so says the stars). This fascination led her to make the album “Kidnapped by Neptune (2005)”  – my personal favorite. Neptune rules music. We’re all affected by Neptune and we all are connected to music. She gets the interconnectedness of music and life in all it’s simplicity. There’s nothing more romantic to me than someone who will tell me stories and assure me that everything happens for a reason.

I listened to the song named after the album, “Kidnapped by Neptune” and suddenly, the romance turned into pure, unadulte-

968163140_4f21d0a592rated passion. She wails in spaced-out articulation: “I’ve / Been / Kidnapped / By / Neptuuuuunnneeee” and I melt. I can only assume she’s making this face (on left) when singing these lyrics:

Those are the only lyrics in the whole song other than the ever-repeated, “Where have you been / you crazy girl?” I’m sure she gets that question a lot, being the busy babe that she is. Man, I wish the answer was my apartment.

She has this sort of innocence that is so endearing. Sometimes, I listen to her like she’s still got a 6-year-old’s imagination in the mind of a woman who is in her 90s.

The song Dinosaur Egg is great example of the young, naivety. The whole song is written to a dinosaur egg, as she demands it hatch. People are coming over. They want to see a dinosaur. Not a fucking egg. The way she sings it makes it real and makes the message the metaphor that it’s meant to be. Keeping up appearances can be draining. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

The song So Much Love to Do exposes her old soul. Her resilience shines. It’s a story of heart that’s been through the waves and even crashed on the shore, but it’s still beating and it’s still not afraid to get wet. The chorus: “It’s coming after me / ‘Cause I’m comin’ after you / Ah, there’s so much love to do” speaks volumes about this open heart.

Scout makes us into believers. Life is beautiful and simple, yet it’s full of sorrow. Without the sorrow, we’d never feel anything. Without the simplicity, we’d never be able to digest the emotion.

Right now, I’m full on Scout love. Plain and simple.

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