Q & A: Chat Logs plays live on HBO's 'Girls'

Last Sunday, the guys of Chat Logs played the end of their song “Irregular Joe” on HBO’s “Girls” Season 3, Episode 3 – “She Said OK.”

Greg Thrasher, Ryan William Downey and Julian Fader tell Thought Pollution all about it.

Here’s the scoop in 10 questions:

 1. How did you get on ‘Girls’? Who is responsible for making it happen?

Judd Apatow flew through our window on a winged gossamer with an ancient relic carved in stone as old as time. The declaration was read. Thanks Judd.

2. Did the good people at HBO have anything to do with how good you all looked?

That’s HBO-mandated celebrity plastic surgery you see. It takes money to look like Julian Fader.

3. Why did you chose to play “Irregular Joe” or was it chosen for you? Tell me a little about the song.

“Irregular Joe” is a love letter to the greatest asshole we’ve ever known. We played it as a moving tribute.

4. When and where did you film? How long did it take?

Transportation to and from the set required us being “black-bagged” and heavily drugged. Now, we all have this clicking sound in our jaw, but we are also better at math, so we think the side effects are not all negative.

5. Tell me a story about being on-set. 

Julian is still living off the craft service cereal bars he shoved in his pockets.

6. They skipped 6 and you’ll never know why.

7. Do you watch ‘Girls’? Thoughts on it?

We watch every single episode of ‘Girls’ that has Chat Logs in it.

9. If you could be on another TV show, which would you chose and what would role would you like to play?

The mom from Malcolm in the Middle. The fat kid from Modern Family.

10. What’s next for Chat Logs? Any upcoming releases or shows?

We just recorded a live set on WFMU, a dream come true. Big ups to The Marty McSorley Show for hosting us. That is available on the Free Music Archives and in the Marty McSorley archives dated Jan. 22 2014. We’ll have some tour dates in the spring.”

For more on Chat Logs, check them out on Facebook.

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