Chat Logs: Cynical, Bizarre and Covered in Baby Powder

In the darkness of Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, there they were: technicolor-fuzz-splashed and bringing the thrash. I was mesmerized. I knew Scout Niblet would have openers that were more than interesting, but I didn’t expect three men, smelling of freshly sprinkled baby powder and pot, to bring the heat quite like they did.

Chat Logs are Gregory Thrasher (bass/vox), Ryan William Downey (guitar/keys/vox) and Julian Fader (drums). That’s also their “genre” for the most part (see what they did there?). You could also toss these labels on their brand of rock: psychedelic noise rock, avant banquet-hall and forth wave ska. Its mostly cynical. Who doesn’t love a good downer jam? (I’m looking at you Debbie…) If you try to act happy all the time and are supported by others constantly, you’re robbing yourself of that human shit-stained darkness that eventually gets illuminated with real happiness. If you don’t believe me, ask Louis C.K.

If you’d like to smash the last possible glimmer of hope you have for the world, give them a listen.

Chat Logs have been here to make you shit lords dance since January 2010. Greg and Ryan met at a friend’s art opening and started the band five minutes later. They started recording the next day and claimed in a Thought Pollution interview, “It’s the only reason we are friends.”

Make their time spent together worthwhile. Be sure to check out their new track, “Turn Heeled,” that premiered yesterday right here on Thought Pollution. The guys encourage this and say,”You should listen to our music if you just dropped acid and are desperately searching for a hammer.”

If you’re an avid NYC/Brooklyn show-goer, you might have caught a glimpse of these beautiful men, but not their equally lovely vaginas, as they tend to stay clothed for shows (stay tuned for wardrobe changes to come). They’ve played about 50 shows.

Their first show was at The Whitney Museum of American Art in April of 2010 and they have played consistently since. Mostly, they bring the noise in Brooklyn DIY venues and tour a few times a year. You may have seen them at Death by Audio, Silent Barn, Secret Project Robot, Shea Stadium, 285 Kent, Union Pool, Cropped Out Music Festival, Whitney, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Southfirst Gallery, or various other desolate and soon-to-be-covered-in-baby-powder spaces.

Photo Credit: Chrissy Reilly
Photo Credit: Chrissy Reilly

Fuck it. Go see them tonight (9/27) in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium for their show with Sros Lords, Wet Paint (members of Lunchbox and Sharkmuffin), Fuck Fuck and Teenage Tasteless. If you’re a piece of shit and can’t make it, see them again at Shea Stadium for their record release party with Heaven’s Gate, Banned Books, Sam Mickens and more on October 26th.

“Am I Right or Am I Right” is the band’s new record and it’s their fifth album since 2010. They’re cranking them out and they’re doing it mostly themselves (now, don’t you feel like a lazy asshole a little bit? Good. Me, too). Their last release “Live Crust” is out on Already Dead Tapes and Records, a small label in Chicago, and they are also releasing this new batch of thrash that comes out October 26th – complete with a 10″ vinyl that was recorded with Ryan Wilkins in Cleveland, OH.

Buy the new album and more here.

In the meantime, get to know the guys who are taking you through your acid trip and covering you in baby powder (because it looks fucking amazing with all the lighting effects):

Greg and Ryan (only friends because of the band, don’t forget) both enjoy food and pot. Their marriage is a happy one, mainly based around chicken salad sandwiches. They spend a lot of time clearing their browser histories (hence their band name) and making art in various forms.

Let’s hear a show story from the band, while we warm our toes in the hell fire, shall we? Take it away, Chat Logs:

“We built this installation called, “Pink Side of the Room,” in the Southfirst Gallery in Williamsburg last year. It was a kind-of psychedelic-pig-butcher-nightmare vibe, where we were dressed head to toe in pink spandex and pig masks, with real butchered pig’s heads hanging from hooks, and all sorts of terrifying farming and butcher ephemera suspended from a chain link pig cage we built for ourselves. This was mostly Greg’s idea, have to say, which may be why people are afraid of him. It was the hottest day of the year and the AC broke. Can’t believe people stood in that room. It smelled like dead dreams. Haven’t topped that one yet.”

They’re still shocked that security didn’t kick them out and tow their van. This also explains why they all get along so well. They all hate Greg. “It eliminates borders,” they say. They all share a taste for the bizarre and cynical, as well. Just look at their art/graphics.

If you want to stay in the loop, check out their Facebook for updates. They’re looking to sell out as soon as possible, so please do your best to promote that. In the meantime, they’ll be smoking pot, telling jokes, speaking in languages that pigs use and slamming monster salads at Ryan’s parents house on tour. They’re waiting for a 2015 plane crash to really complete the band and make it perfect. That, or they’re looking to bring Anthony Kiedis back from the dead and put him to work.

The band would like to pollute your acid-laced mind with the following:

“Throw rocks at cops. Thoreau Rasta Gops. Thru Lotsa Mops.” Got it? Good. See you tonight at the show.

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