Both Sides of the Coin

Jumping the Indie Shark: Ariel Pink's "Mature Themes"


Ariel Pink and his band have become a strange mirror for the current music scene. At once, they began pointing out the smooth vanilla into which indie rock has melted into and the futility of critics who think musical greatness is something measured and mathematic, a goal that can be achieved by anything other than unabashed creation.

A Look at The Strokes' "Comedown Machine"


Let’s start by praising Jebus for the good news: “Comedown Machine” is better than “Angles,” The Strokes’ much-maligned fourth-album, that sporadically redeeming stinker that hummed with all the power of a weed whacker left in snow until the thaw of spring.

Both Sides of the Coin: PAWS "Cokefloat!"


Heads “Cokefloat!,” the debut album from the jittery Glasgow trio PAWS, is a kaleidoscope of “Boregasms,” gleeful “got-your-nose” apathy and junkies with beautiful eyes. In short, it’s a grabbag of the best of ’90s college rock, flush with fuzzed-out guitars,…