Two Seasons Into GIRLS


I have little interest in the controversy that’s always surrounded Girls. It’s been done to death. I’m more intrigued by wondering where the show can go from the end of its 20th episode, “Together.” (Spoiler Alert!) 

Praising the Bottle (Episode): Part Two


Part 2: “She’s not crazy, she just wants to feel everything.”

Another show that recently gave us a bottle episode, “Girls,” will have no such problem – it can do (and has done) standalone and plot-advancing episodes with equal aplomb, without raising questions about its creative well-being.

Praising the Bottle (Episode): Part One


Like all industries, TV has ass-loads of jargon. One in particular that’s come up often lately, due to the directions certain shows have taken, is the term “bottle episode.” This refers to when a TV show – be it semi-serial like 30 Rock or entirely serial like Breaking Bad – takes a detour from the central narrative and highlights an isolated portion of its world.