Why I Hate My Corporate Job, Part One


The detachment between management and subordinate staff

Nobody knows quite how much corporations suck as the people who work at the bottom of the ladder for those corporations.

Between the shit pay, the boring dress code and the pointless extended training programs, there are so few enjoyable aspects to working for a big company or enterprise that it’s amazing anybody even applies.

I’ve been working for such company for almost five years now. I’m one of those employees who is in that classic “I’m stuck here for reasons too complicated to explain” trap.

But while this job is probably the most horrible employment decision I’ve ever made, it has taught me an awful lot.

I work for an amusement park, which will remain nameless (since I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t write anything like this – also, I can’t imagine that one amusement park job fundamentally differs from any other), in its security department. In laymen’s terms, I deal with the bullshit that no other department feels like handling. Customer complaints, garbage clean-up, domestic disputes. All of that.

Those parts of the job aren’t what make it so fucking terrible, though.

Mostly, it’s the way non-management employees, like myself, are treated.

Alright, so I’ve been here for almost five years. I’m just starting my fifth summer now. My pay is up to about $9.50 an hour. That might not sound too bad, given that it’s just an amusement park job, but I’m required to take a certain amount of break time every day and that time is deducted from my pay. Then, there are taxes. After all that, I have to work around 60 hours a week once June hits (and the park is open full-time) in order to make ends meet. I’m certainly not the only one – my co-leadership staff members work the same hours as I do.

So you’d think that, especially with the leadership employees of the department working the hardest to keep everything safe and copacetic, management and other employees would treat us pretty nicely, right?


We’re consistently put under more pressure than any other department or group of employees in the park to perform at our very best at all times. Maybe we’ve got something personal and difficult to cope with currently unfolding in life? Too fucking bad for us. Leadership employees are all getting shit on for every minuscule error. While I’m trying to do my job, I’m also getting harassed by some manager, who I’ve never even met, about wearing a Livestrong bracelet. For real though, I’ve been standing in the sun for six hours supervising 20 I-don’t-give-a-fuck teenagers and you’re going to pull me away from my job to yell at me about a rubber bracelet? And in the middle of a 16-hour day?

The managers may as well live in a separate universe from the rest of us. They typically just delegate their responsibilities to others, make sure that the hem on the pants of their subordinates is correct, secure that all employee name tags are placed just-so and demand that people like me are abandoning their support for anti-cancer organizations during their shift.

Cool life, management. You are super important.

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